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A Criminal Defense Attorney in Mattoon IL and Marijuana-Related DUI Charges

Several states have legalized marijuana for recreational use, including Illinois as of January 1, 2020. That poses problems for police officers who may suspect men and women of driving under the influence but who have not been drinking. Breath tests currently in use don’t verify whether you

How to Hire a Professional Bail Bondsman in Fort Worth

Being in jail for any period of time can have negative effects on a friend’s or loved one’s life. When a person waits in jail for a court date or trial, it can make it harder for the person to prepare a defense. Personal and professional relationships

Recouping Money for Damaged Property

You cannot control what the weather does to your property. You have no way of stopping high winds and heavy rains from tormenting your home. All you can do is deal with the aftermath after the storm has passed. When your insurance provider is giving you the

Have You Talked to a Personal Injury Attorney in Newberg, OR About Your Slip-and-Fall?

If you have fallen on the pavement or inside on the floor at work and were injured, you may need to speak to a lawyer about your injuries and medical liability. If the place where you fell was unsafe, or nothing was done to notify people of

Going Through the Legal Process to Get Your Driver’s License Reinstated

When your driver’s license has been suspended, you believe that you must wait the obligatory period to have it given back to you. This amount of time can sometimes be if three to six months for speeding and reckless driving. If you are convicted of driving under