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2 Important Paint Tools to Procure First Before Opening Your Business

Are you an aspiring professional paint services entrepreneur? Having you been honing your skills by offering and providing voluntary services for a local charitable organization? Are you now ready to begin offering your professional services to private clients and customers? If you answered yes, then here are

How to Wash a Paint Roller and Tray After Your Painting Job?

At Pro Roller, we offer exceptional quality floor applicator products that deliver outstanding results on various types of services. Here is how to efficiently clean paint rollers and trays after a painting job: Reclaim Excess Paint The first step is to recapture excess paint. You can do

How Microfiber Technology Improves Painting

If you are a professional painter, you cannot afford to give any customer a cheap looking paint job. You also do not want to take too much time, or you lose money. If you want the best for your customers and your business reputation,consider using painting tools