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Use a Wide Format Cold Roll Laminator to Make Fun Tools in Your Classroom

Preparing tools to make your classroom lessons more fun and engaging for all of your students doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. By buying the tools you would use to make the materials you want, it can be easy to have the fun things you want

3 Ways to Prevent Your Child From Being Bullied in the United States

Throughout most of the world, bullying remains a considerable problem. If you want to help end this growing problem, there are tips you and your child can follow. Check out these three ways to prevent bullying in schools. Speak With Your Child About Bullying Sometimes, children are

Educational Curriculum From Holocaust Survivor Ben Lesser in Nevada

Because of the work of Holocaust survivor ,Ben Lesser, an unusual educational curriculum is available for teachers. Teachers can use the materials to show their students what it was like to live through the Holocaust from a factual first-person perspective. The Nazi Invasion Ben Lesser spent his

Join in the Mission Across America to Teach Students About the Holocaust

The Zachor Holocaust Foundation, an American Holocaust Foundation, is dedicated to ensuring that people never forget the Holocaust, the loss of lives, and the impact it had on our history. That is why the word zachor, Hebrew for remember, is a crucial part of its name. It

How Bulletin Boards Bolster Creativity and Motivation in the Classroom

Many teachers may think they can go without a bulletin board in their classroom as it often takes up a lot of time, effort and wall space. Some may not feel up to the task of keeping it updated, with fresh new colors and images, and some