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Body Piercing Is Considered an Art and Craft

Body piercing is considered an art and craft for many individuals. Body piercing is not a recent phenomenon. Matter of fact, it is an ancient tradition to some cultures. This practice was carried out right from the birth and irrespective of the gender. The ear and nose

Baby Jewelry: Purchasing Jewelry for Babies

The main problem with shopping for baby jewelry is making sure you buy an item that is both safe and pretty for a baby. When deciding to purchase jewelry for babies, make certain you are buying the gift from a well-respected jeweler. Taking this stance gives you

Getting Ready to Tie the Knot? Be Sure to Look at Some Designer Diamond Engagement Rings

The worldwide diamond mining industry produces approximately $13 billion worth of diamonds every 12 months but it’s important to note that these rough stones are valued at wholesale. On the retail side, jewelers are able to sell more than $72 billion of diamonds each year and this

When it’s Time to Speak to Jewelry Buyers in Chicago

Some people can’t get enough jewelry while others, especially those with a large assortment of jewelry, like to clear out their older pieces and make way for the potential of new jewelry. Whether it’s a piece a person hasn’t worn in years, or perhaps it’s a broken

Finding Fine Jewelry Stores in Austin, TX

When you are looking for fine jewelry in the Austin area, you certainly want to locate the best jewelry stores in the city. Though there are definitely a number of jewelry stores in Austin, TX, not all of them are prefect for your needs. Whether you are